On Saturday 22nd August Live/Wire and 119 Production Services will join forces to bring you a live streamed show like no other. This will be an opportunity to enjoy the sound and spectacle of our live show from the comfort of your own home. So line up a bottle or two of something good, stock up on snacks and Let There Be Rock!!

The stream will be available across our own YouTube and Facebook channels as well simultaneously being broadcast by our good friends at Icons Festival, Wannasee Festival and Bonfest on their own social media.

We are not selling tickets for access to the stream, we just want as many people as possible to come together and enjoy what we have planned. Instead, we’ll have a link set up that viewers can use to chip in a few quid, if they so desire, during and after the show. Proceeds will be split between Live/Wire, the good people at 119 Production Services (whom like many other events companies have been hit especially hard by the pandemic) and Crew Nation (a charity supporting people who work in live music and have been out of work since the pandemic began).

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